General Information

We extend a warm welcome to all the delegates planning to attend the ASICON 2010. Allow us the pleasure of being the host during your visit through this information resource.
The ASICON 2010 gives an excellent opportunity for our delegates to gain immensely from the excellent scientific program and also gives our guests a chance to experience the warmth in the cultural diversity of the modern Delhi.

What are the innovations of this coming ASICON? In addition to our complete annual overview of all the recent developments in the field of Surgery- we will provide you with:

A unique Multi-disciplinary Live Operative Workshop which will be a visual feast to the delegates in the form of concurrent live sessions which will be relayed from the centres of excellence in India and Abroad.

A precisely thought out schedule at every single moment during the 6-day conference period designed to acquaint you with every new innovation in your field.

ASITECH: A world class trade exhibition with all major market players displaying their wares in respective sections for you to see those and compare.

“Surgeon as an Entrepreneur”: A first of its kind theme in India where you will be guided about manpower procurement and hospital accreditation, hospital architecture, construction, and equipment together with invaluable inputs regarding hospital consultancy and finance.

ASICON 2010 Specials

a. Surgical Skills and Learning Centre
b. Know Your Tools Hall,
c. Digital Technology & Surgeon
d. Virtual Reality Hall
We sincerely hope that you will find this experience to be both fruitful and stimulating, as our whole Scientific Committee tries its very best to draw skilled and talented surgeons, physicians and professionals in the field.

On behalf of the ASICON team, thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you in New Delhi