The Best Supplements and Benefits To Achieve A Better and Healthier You!

What Are Supplements?


The word ‘supplements’ is a general term used to refer to products that are meant to be ingested as a way of providing additional nutrients to make up for the lack of certain nutrients in one’s diet. Supplements are not a form of medication or medicine as they are not meant to cure, only to supply what is missing. Using supplements as a form of medication can lead to the disease being sought to cure persisting or the development of another disorder.


There are numerous types of supplements and most of them are only to be taken upon the recommendation or prescription of a doctor. They are not regulated, unlike medicines which, depending on their composition and potency, are tightly regulated. The following are common types of supplements:


  • Dietary supplements
  • Weight-loss supplements
  • Muscle-building supplements
  • Mineral supplements
  • Vitamin supplements


Mineral and vitamin supplements are the type most commonly used by a lot of people. They are often used to solve the problem of deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins in one’s body, the lack of which can lead to serious disorders.


On the other hand, weight-loss and muscle-building supplements are used by people who seek to lose weight or build muscle mass. These supplements are taken along with doing exercise routines and diet regimens as to maximize the results.Also it is important to know how to lower a1c with natural diet.


What Are The Best Supplements To Take And Their Benefits?


As mentioned, there are numerous types of supplements, making it difficult to choose one that will be most beneficial to one’s health. What are the Best Supplements and Benefits that one can gain from them?


  • Antioxidants




Oxidation in one’s body is one of the many reasons why people age and is a process that leads to the production of toxic materials in the body such as free radicals. Taking antioxidant supplements will decrease the amount of toxic materials, leading to a healthier body, as well as decrease the signs of aging.


  • Creatinine


Creatinine in one’s body functions in two ways: it helps counteract the acid build-up in muscles due to physical activity and help replenish the amount of ATP in the body due to it acting as a phosphate donor. This is especially helpful for people who don’t eat meat that often.


  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids




Omega-3 fatty acid supplements are beneficial in keeping the brain healthy as it is made up of 40% DHA. DHA is one of the omega-3 fatty acids and intake of omega-3 fatty acid supplements help provide the brain with the right amount of DHA, helping in the prevention of diseases such Alzheimer’s disease.


Are Supplements Necessary?


Supplements, as their name implies, only seek to supplement or add to the nutrients and minerals found in our body. They are not necessary as with a proper and well-balanced diet, one can get most of the vitamins and minerals they need. However, taking supplements makes it easier for people who have vitamin or mineral deficiencies to get what they need or those who don’t have a well-balanced diet.